Marion Krepcio(non-registered)
Dear Brian, I met you in Mystic and purchased the Wasp Card. Had trouble parting with it. I enjoyed seeing your web site. Nice work. Hope you have had a chance to photograph the shells. I look to seeing you at the Mystic Show this year. Happy New Year!
wo kaufen sie rechtlichen steroide(non-registered)
wo kaufen sie rechtlichen steroide
lich nghi tet(non-registered)
Wonderful Web page Continue the very good work. Thanks a lot.
Kenneth Selling(non-registered)
I enjoyed chatting with you this Friday at the Wesleyan Potters Holiday Exhibit. Thanks for taking the time to bring out and show me the additional prints of the snake, bee-eater, glass frog, and more. (I was the arachnaedophobe you spoke with.)

I also must say I really liked your brief foray into landscape photography. That shot of the meadow with the purple loosestrife and the piece of wood was tremendous; it worked on a lot of levels. I went back to buy it, and could not find it, and assume someone else bought it.

I ended up getting your print of the bamboo in the cloud forest. I really like that photograph. Besides being reminiscent of old Japanese scroll paintings, it also reminds me of a lot of things in the world I like.
Ben Kuropat(non-registered)
It was a pleasure speaking with you at the Guilford craft fair yesterday. It's always a pleasure discussing technique & equipment (in this case, variable density faders). I didn't get a chance to tell how much I admired your work, especially your rain forest 'bugs and such'. Have a good trip back!
Greg Wilmot(non-registered)
Great work Brian! Nice meeting you and being your neighbor at the Windsor Lions Craft Fair.
Shannon and Danny Blodgett(non-registered)
Great pic we loved them very beautiful
Carolyn Romano(non-registered)
Love your work, Brian, and I'm delighted it's finally available. Good luck with all!
liz Blodgett(non-registered)
Great pics! Good luck at the show in Branford!
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